The Journey of Living with Diabetes

Are you Aboriginal? Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes?

We have the program for you! You will be taken through everything from shopping for the right foods to balancing your lifestyle, all with people who understand!

The program is run in groups and led by a trained Aboriginal health worker. The sessions are run in a very comfortable and relaxed environment involving discussion and sharing stories. The sessions are used to help you learn about your diabetes, work shop issues that you may confront or have been confronted with, and how you can make changes to best look after your health.

You will be given time to think about your own journey with diabetes and steps you can take to care for your health. The program is run over 6-10 sessions. Programs are held locally and transport can be arranged for you. Family is welcome. Some programs are run as 3-day camps.

For more information or to register your interest please call South Metropolitan Public Health Unit  on 9431 0200.

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