Cockburn Tobacco Action Plan

In 2008 the City of Cockburn introduced the award-winning Cockburn Tobacco Action Plan.

The Plan aims to reduce the number of smokers in the City of Cockburn and to improve the health of residents by reducing their exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (passive smoking). A number of activities have been carried out as part of the Plan (see below), including education sessions which aim to reduce the amount of young people taking up smoking.

In 2009, the City of Cockburn won the National Tobacco Category Award in the Heart Foundation Local Government Awards. The Cockburn Tobacco Action Plan was developed and implemented in partnership with the South Metropolitan Public Health Unit (SMPHU).

Live Smart. Don’t Start

The Live Smart. Don’t Start program was introduced by the City of Cockburn in 2008. The message aims to encourage young people to consider their health (“live smart”) and make an informed decision not to take up smoking (“don’t start”). Live Smart. Don’t Start merchandise is available from the City of Cockburn and at City of Cockburn events.

Smarter than Smoking

The Smarter than Smoking Project is run by the Heart Foundation and aims to reduce smoking prevalence among 10 to 15 year olds in Western Australia. The program educates them to make  informed choices about smoking, which are beneficial to their health.

The project is promoted by the City of Cockburn to all primary and high schools located within the local government area. Schools are encouraged to apply for grants available through Healthway which involves committing to reduce tobacco related harm by undertaking a range of Smarter than Smoking activities. For more information contact the City of Cockburn Health Services Department on 9411 3589.

Fresh Start courses

City of Cockburn staff have been trained to facilitate Fresh Start courses to help Cockburn residents quit smoking. Contact the City of Cockburn Health Services department on 9411 3589 for more details. You can also make an appointment to speak to your GP about giving up smoking.

Council SmokeFree policies

The City of Cockburn have an SmokeFree Environment Policy, allowing local residents and visitors to enjoy ‘smoke free’ playgrounds, council buildings, bus stops and events. Council staff are also guided by a SmokeFree Council Policy, which eliminates smoking around council buildings. See the two policies below:

Since the Council’s adoption of the policies WA State tobacco legislation has been introduced that incorporates some of these local laws.  

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