TravelSmart to School


Becoming a TravelSmart School couldn’t be easier.

Children love walking and cycling to school, but often don’t get a chance to travel this way much. The Department of Transport’s TravelSmart to School can provide support and assistance to schools wanting to reduce congestion and encourage walking and cycling to school instead.

The TravelSmart to School Online Community assist parents, teachers, local governments and students find solutions to the problems of parking congestion, road safety and physical activity by providing ideas and easy to follow examples.  On an average school day more than one in five cars on the road during the morning peak hour in Perth are involved in the school journey. This adds up to about 80 million kilometres of car travel per year for the morning trip alone. Encouraging children to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to school is an easy and fun way to get physical activity into their day and to reduce traffic in your local community.

Join the TravelSmart to School Online Community website by contacting the TravelSmart Schools program development officer on 6551 6000 or [email protected] to register your interest and discuss ideas for making your school TravelSmart.

More information regarding TravelSmart to School

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Join up and save the date 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Wednesday 5 April 2017 for a professional development event that will be held for TravelSmart Schools, Local Government Officers and TravelSmart Workplace champions.

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